Thermodynamic Water & Heating System

Thermodynamic Water System

The Thermopod unit can be installed directly to the hot water system taking 200 – 300 litres of water up to 55°C with no extra heat source.  Intelligent source reacts within a 5°C drop in heat.

3 Programmable time zones with 3 optional target temperatures should you wish to prioritise day and night running.

Automatic anti-legionella function.  This will take your cylinder up to 60°C once a week.

Thermodynamic Heating System

We can include the central heating system via its own  Thermopod taking the average temperature of the central heating system flow to 50°C.  An additional heat source (new or existing) can be obtained to increase to the required heat if necessary.

Bunsen Air Solar Collector Panels

Thermopods have specifically designed flow channels which optimise the flow of the refrigerated gas across the full surface area, which allows for the refrigerated gas to heat up and expand.

Bunsen air works by harvesting free energy from our UK weather, and transferring it to your hot water cylinder

An Ozone friendly refrigerant, which has a boiling point of -26°C, flows through the solar collector panels and back to the Bunsen Unit. The refrigerant leaves the Bunsen Unit as a cold liquid, as it passes through the hot water panels, the refrigerant absorbs heat energy and changes from a liquid to a ‘super-heated’ gas. On returning to the Bunsen Unit the gas is compressed back to a liquid, and the heat energy is transferred directly to your hot water.

Dual Exhaust technology allows the heated gas to flow away from the panels with far less restrictions. which in turn, significantly increases the panel efficiency.  The panels were found, by the manufacturers, to improve the efficiency by 30% when the dual exhaust and new flow channels were introduced.

Installation Materials

Whilst there are many products on the market, we as a company look to only use the best and most reliable fittings and materials.  We understand that some soldering heat source may be required in some installations, but we see using gas heat as counter-productive to the 3Heat principle of greener, cheaper, cleaner.

With this in mind, all of our installations (where possible) utilise M Press fittings.  M Press consists of a copper fittings with rubber O-rings being compressed onto copper pipework without the use of heat. We find this is a faster, cleaner and more reliable process.

BUNSEN AIR SYSTEM - Panel Mounting Options

The dual panels are mounted externally, with a minimum of 5 metre pipe-run distance of the Bunsen Air unit. There are options for the positioning of the panels:

  • Pitched roof – you may prefer to mount the panels on the roof to keep them out of the way.
  • Vertical Wall – there is no problem mounting the panels on any vertical wall
  • Flat roof or ground mounted – as long as there is a minimal pitch then the flat surface is no problem.

In addition the panels can be mounted in Landscape or Portrait, and where space is a limiting factor, then the panels can be placed one behind the other (like a sandwich) to take up the space of just a single panel.

This would be confirmed in the site survey.

The Bunsen air can generate 100% of your domestic hot water system needs.

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